13/01 : Preparing for a new season

After having spent Christmas and New Year in Denmark Brian Vandborg is now back in Italy preparing for the new season and the first race.

“I think that my season will start February, 23 with Les Boucles du Sud Ardèche in France,” he says.

Winter has passed without illness or any other problems. “I haven’t done the usual amount of training during December, but it is coming little by little now. My form is quite okay,” he says. He is in good spirits and is looking forward to his season getting started.

At this moment he is training about 20 hours a week. The weather in Italy is slightly better than it is up north in Denmark, even though the sun is not always shining. “During the last 8 – 9 days the sun has shined one time, but at least we have two figured temperatures.”

“Until now I have primarily been doing basic training, but occasionally I tested the legs a little. Now, the structured training really begins including interval training,” the Danish rider explains.

In a month he is heading for Nice and a team training camp for the riders of Team GLS who are going to ride the early races. Until then he keeps preparing for the season back home in Italy. At the moment his Team mate, Glenn Bak, is visiting. He will stay until February, 9 and on their daily rides they are accompanied by Martin Pedersen and Thomas Oredsson as well as a couple of other riders.

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