15/12 : New Team!

Brian Vandborg has signed a contract with the Danish Team GLS, and even though he is not going to ride for a Pro Tour team, it doesn’t mean that he is less motivated, on the contrary.

“Last season with Discovery Channel was difficult with illness and so on. So I am definitely looking forward to to coming season with Tea, GLS, and I am hungry for results,” he says, adding: “Pro Tour or not, it doesn’t mean that much to me. As soon as you get a number on your back, it is all about winning, no matter what kind of race you ride.”

The contact with GLS started as soon as Discovery Channel made it clear that they were not going to continue, and Brian Vandborg has had an intensive dialogue with the manager of Team GLS.

Even though last year was partly ruined by illness the Danish rider managed to win a stage in the French race Tour de l’Ain, and he showed his abilities as a genuine rider when he acted as a good team player for his team mates. But, for the next season his personal ambitions are clear, especially for the Nationals.

”Now I am going to meet with the team and discuss the coming season, but it is obvious that the Danish Championship is a big goal for me. If I can win that, I have good chances of a spot on the team for the Olympics. And I have previously made it ok at Post Danmark Rundt. They have not yet published the route, but there are usually a TT that tends to be among the things that decide who is going to win the race. So, it will definitely also be a goal to make it to the podium in that race too. However, I think that Team CSC is also aware of that fact, so much will depend on who they are going to have at the start. If they bring a Cancellara, if might be difficult to claim the victory, but otherwise we will have to challenge them man by man,” an optimistic Vandborg declares.

Above all he is looking forward to the season getting started.

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